Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make Money Online, Just another tips from the newbie

Hello Welcome again to this little blog of mine, for money making tips. A lot of opportunities exist for the everyday people to make money on the internet. The problem is there is a lack of information out there on these techniques therefore making it hard to build a substantial income online.

I suspect the reason for this is to eliminate potential competition. Many experts are aware of this and do not let it stop them from finding the most profitable niches.

No one is going to spoon feed you the techniques. You have to put it on your shoulders and find those income streams on your own.

This would be the biggest task for most people. Those who come across this article will not have to worry about the challenge of uncovering those ideas.

Below is a list of niches that are not littered with competition.

- website building

- email ads that pay

- distributing articles

- pay per post blogging

- eBay arbitrage

- build a niche store

- drop ship products

- list building

- search engine bidding

- video sharing networks

- social networking alternatives

In my opinion the best technique for building big income online is website construction. Websites take a long time to get out dated and provide the potential to produce lots of cash for many years.

One of underutilized methods of cash generation on the internet is email ad viewing. There are plenty of websites on the net that anyone can sign up for free with to receive emails that can make them money.

Another related way of earning money is article distribution or publishing. You can make big money doing this due to the fact that the articles you write will be indexed in the search engine for decades earning you passive income.

A worse yet still good strategy is blogging. It offers real earning potential but I do not recommend it because you have to update often which can be a hassle.

A highly underrated way of making money is through eBay high and low spotting. This refers to when you find products that are not selling for a variety of reasons then resell them for a higher price.

If you are really serious about this you can even set up an entire internet store to sell products on. You can sell products you own and products other people own for commissions.

If you are an internet marketer then you are probably familiar with email list compiling or building. This involves setting up landing pages and collecting visitors email address for future monetary purposes.

If you have ever used a search engine then you have seen pay per click advertisements. A good number of these ads are purchased by small time entrepreneurs to make money without having to do much work.

If you have a video camera or a cell phone with a recorder you can make money online submitting those videos. All you have to do is find the websites that will pay you for this. There are a lot of them out there.

I am only going to go over one more topic and that is paid social or chatting networks. They pay you a small commission on the page views you generate by doing everyday normal activities on their website.

You can use each one of these strategies individually and succeed. The biggest challenge for you is finding the right opportunities then taking full advantage of them.
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make Real Money Now

Alright, If you are following my blog for sometime, you might ask how in the world are you gonna make money online? . Thats a good question. My blog is not running any adsense, which is very bad, I still can't join adsense, "big G at the moment won't allow me in, this is a long story to tell why I still can't join with this precious adsense" , Well folks making real money online is really really hard! there is no easy way, I know we are all starving to earn even with just few cents. But worry no more, it is the purpose of this blog to tell you, from the beginner's perspective how to make money online, One of the best way to get you started earning $$$$$ is by joining PTC sites (PAID TO CLICK). I basically dislike to favor and promote any paid to click site as they have never impressed me due to following reasons:

* Mostly of these PTC sites are scam. The other day they are online the next day they are gone.
* They are very time consuming to make money online and it take ages to reach their payouts unless you don’t have good amount of active referrals with them which are very difficult to get.

But there are some real and very impressive, legitimate and good paid to click sites lurking on the internet, which I really want to share with you!

NEOBUX - yes this is the name i started it yesterday, and you know what? I have earned $0.04 cents! thats real money! and im earning online! with no fuzz or whatsoever.

does this bored you?

Now check out why I am telling you why this one is my favorite.

* This site has minimum payout of 2$ which you can request either to alertpay or PayPal account.
* 0.01$ per ad clicked and 0.005$ for your referrals clicked is also impressive rate.
* Feature of renting active referrals and that also at cheaper rates is one of the best feature of this site.

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to join NEOBUX and earn your first cent!
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MLM Marketing

MLM Marketing is a marketing structure that is used by some companies. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by paying promoters for both the sales of the companies products they make and for new distributors they bring into the business that will go on to promote the companies product as well.

Anyone who joins and promotes the companies products are known as distributors. They do not earn a salary but instead they are awarded a commission dependant on how many sales they make themselves and the sales their downline make. This process is similar to a franchise.

A downline is the people that have paid you to join the MLM business and you will get a percentage of their sales. So in essence you pay to join into the business and then you will earn for every person you bring into the business and any future sales they make.

Here are some advantages of MLM’s: Quick and easy to get set up, Can start straight away, If you join when the MLM business is relatively new you can stand to build a large down line and therefore earn a lot of money.

Here are the Disadvantages of MLM; Methods of selling are outdated, this is because most MLM models encourage you to sell to your firends and family, pick up the phone and tell people about your product. These aren’t exactly cutting edge and many people will not be interested in sales calls! Another disadvantage is if you join near the bottom of the line most of the market will be saturated and you’re competing with experienced marketers. Now you will not be able to compete with these as nearly all MLM’s do not provide training on Internet Marketing and techniques.

So overall I think MLM’s are outdated as the marketing techniques they teach are no longer effective. Nearly every MLM will not provide you with the real training you need on Internet Marketing if you are to make money online and set up a successful home business.

Now there of course there are people making money from MLM’s and I’m not by any means trying to say they cannot make you money, but there is a very high failure rate as there’s a lack of training and support!

One of the main reasons people choose to make money online is to have free time but at the beginning you will spend most of your time on the phone selling your product and most people will not buy from you which leads to you getting disheartened and is the main reason people give up!

However if you have got your mind set on joining an MLM make sure you join near the top of a line and that there will be the support and training you require!

it article came from the laptop of Jonathan Pitts. Jonathan is a very experienced Internet Marketer who has had a lot of success in it Industry! He now trains others so they can become successful entrepreneurs too! Fed up of the Smoke in it Industry he has produced a Truth Report to give the FACTS on how to Make Money Online! He could be charging $100’s for it but has decided to give it away for free!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Finally PR2 a Halloween gift from GOOGLE

Finally I got Page rank 2 (PR2) from my beloved big G, I just noticed it this November that my PR was changed from 0 to 2, well, nothing much to boast but it feels very rewarding even though this blog is far from real monetizing it. Is your blog getting a change too?
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Super Typhoon Parma is coming!

Another super typhoon is about to lash on this typhoon weary Philippines, check out From CNN We have not yet recover from typhoon ONDOY which kills and displaced so many Filipinos and yet another one is coming!
Be prepared and Pray!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Page Rank now PR 0

Hello everyone who is following this blog How to make money online for absolute beginner, after almost a month since this blog was started, and posting some content within,

finally, I got PR0 from google PR checker. "What the heck? PR0 and you are boasting it?" that may sound ridiculous but there are a lot of 2-3 years blogs that don't even come close to that Ranking. Its been almost two weeks that i did not update anything on this blog, I decided to change my template to much more eye appealing, but the trade-off is that i lost some of the widgets, I lost my blogroll my apologies to those who are in my blogroll, i can't just place it here, because I am so forgetful so please inform me if you are once listed in my bloglist, so that i can start showing your link again.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

@carmento I hope it keeps raining and die in floods like those filipino monkeys ;-)

This post is not about money making tips but It caught my attention and I feel very sorry for my fellow country men, who strive to struggle for life and yet other people wishes us all to die like monkeys. This is the tweets of those Korean Shits!


@carmento I hope it keeps raining and die in floods like those filipino monkeys ;-)

@soapysuds Just give them your dinner. It should be enough to feed the whole country or 2 days ㅋㅋㅋ Or let them cook u, that will last 2 yrs!

@WGyenny 야! 예은! 지금 한국에서! 지금 뭐해? I love watching those filipinos suffer and drowning in their 3rd world monkey island! Monkeys can't swim! ㅋㅋ

@HelloMaiAzn U r fucking stupid LOL If philippines isn't a poor 3rd world monkey island, what is poor? If they're not poor, what is poor?LOL

@stupidsunye That's y our English is bad. Coz we learn from our 3rd world fans who cant speak english either LOL Like Yenny said!

I was really mad at this tweet, http://twitter.com/UglyYuBin (Read it from CNN) If its not for countries who shows there support including the Philippines for the Korean War for sure those bitches! would eat grass and would work as WHORE in north Korea, lets just wait and see for some Nuke to slam on their city and let see who are monkeys!
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google says content scrapers aren't a big deal | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner

Google Says It's Possible to Benefit From Them

If you write for the web, whether that be on a blog or any other content site, there is a good chance your content has been scraped at some point, if not on a continuous basis. The good news is that it's probably not that big of a deal. At least that is what Google's Matt Cutts imples.

Answering user questions as he so often does, Cutts took on the question, "Is there a way to benefit from content scraped from your site?"

The simple answer to this is yes. You actually may be able to slightly benefit from having your content scraped. According to Cutts, if you make sure the pages on your site have links to you in them, the scrapers may leave the links in and end up linking to you. He says these links can "help you along."

"There are some people who really hate scrapers and try to crack down on them and try to get every single one deleted or kicked off their web host," says Cutts. "I tend to be the sort of person who doesn't really worry about it, because the vast, vast, vast majority of the time, it's going to be you that comes up, not the scraper. If the guy is scraping and scrapes the content that has a link to you, he's linking to you, so worst case, it won't hurt, but in some weird cases, it might actually help a little bit."

It's the same principle that Cutts talked about when talking about having links in low-quality directories. He says Google tries not to score the low-quality directories too high, but it doesn't hurt your site at all for being listed there.

He says that most of the time, you don't really need to worry about scrapers, because they don’t have a large effect in terms of the actual impact on users very often. He does add that if you see a scraper ranking higher than you, you can consider doing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act request (DMCA), or if it's a true spammer (gibberish, etc.) you can go ahead and do a spam report on them.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to change BLOGGER favicon

Welcome to how to make money online for absolute beginner, At this point in time i am still at the stage of backlinking to this blog, I'm commenting on some blogs which I think relevant to money making "niche", even no-follow blogs i still read it, follow the comment chain and type in something relevant. That way other users might stumble upon my link and hit it, thats one way of getting backlink but there are tons on how to do it. Which I will show you later, if I get it successful.

Alright, this one is a very simple way on how to change your blogger FAVICON, I suppose that, you know what is FAVICON,

Ok folks, here's how we change it with ease. Go to this site http://www.iconj.com register there once your account have been verified, login and follow the steps on there website, I wont discuss the steps here because the guyz at iconj.com did a very good job in explaining at there website on how to change the blogger FAVICON. You see my FAVICON is pretty nice. So you want to change your boring FAVICON? go change it now.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top 10 List of Most Blocked Websites

Hello, if your are following my blog make money online for beginner you are presented by a series of steps in setting up your money making techniques from the beginners point of view. Currently I'm still busy building backlinks and I've created several blogs for linking purposes, well I will not reveal it yet, still building quality contents :) . Now to entertain you and for the information of everyone I have compiled a list of websites that are mostly BANNED from school, parents, religious institution.

Here are the list:
1. MySpace.com
2. Facebook.com
3. YouTube.com
4. Playboy.com
5. Ebay.com
6. Meebo.com
7. Friendster.com
8. Orkut.com
9. AdultFriendFinder.com
10. Espn.com

Well these are currently the ten most-blocked Web sites on home, school, and small business networks. Most of the blocked or blacklisted sites are about social networks, shopping, sex, religion and pop culture. In China, websites that talk about Porn, Tibet or Democracy are blocked. I'm fortunate I am not living in CHINA lolz.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are CSS designs better than Table for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post #13

There has been a debate all over this, i have read some blogs that said, CSS is SEO friendly compared to its counterpart layout TABLE, according to google, they see both CSS and table based the same, it doesn't matter what your design is, as long as it won't violate any guidelines, well, we know that CSS based designs are easier to maintain, and also almost all of the themes whether you are using wordpress or blogger or Joomla or whatever most of the templates are done using CSS, its been the connotation that using CSS your on the WEB 2.0 and if your using TABLE your from the past. Its you who decides whats best for your site or blog, the advantage of using a TABLE design over CSS is that it is more portable, while in CSS some of the browsers won't follow your design Take for example the IE6 some of the websites suffers from this trade off, if not coded properly CSS can mess up your site. So if you ask are CSS better than table for SEO? Well again its your choice what to use, but in the eyes of google CSS and TABLE layouts are the same period!

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Getting More Links | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#12

Getting links are really harder this days, I have seen sites or blogs that from PR 4 goes back to PR 0, why is this happening? well of course google is changing its game plans to combat black hats and spammers, google is revising its algorithm for ranking, you can still be top at the page for certain keyword but your PR will be down. Most of the gurus on this money making niche have done so far and pushed it to the limits until such time google was awaken of their tricks. Now how would I survive on this game? chances are very slim for me to get as high as top 100 for money making online niche, my answer is perseverance if you have the desire to make money, and make it serious of your work you will be rewarded, thats my thinking right now, anyway Im pushing it too to the limits, i am building backlinks to this blogs one of the best way to build backlinks and looks natural to google is by commenting on the dofollow blogs, and there are so many out there, just look and find check this site followlist.com it will help you get started with.

Ok i've said that commenting on dofollow blogs will help you get started getting backlinks, now how would you comment that it would appear as if you are putting an anchor text within your link? try to look at this example

and what happens if I put this way?

as you see my link was embedded on his page using the comment, if i just put only my name chances are my anchor text is just my name, in this case i did put some text which describe my blogs as well like jun make money online
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make Money Online | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#11

Greetings everyone who is following this make money online blog, on my last post How to make money online I have told you that I'm on page 4 of google SERP and rank#40. For the information of everyone after just one day! read this! I am now on page 1 of google SERP yes you hear it right PAGE 1 and RANK# 3! with this keyword on google make money online for absolute beginner awesome, check this screen-shot

I am really very excited at this point. Now I did another search using this keyword make money online for beginner
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Claim your blog on Technorati | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#10

Hello this is just a quick post, I have claim my blog thru Technorati and ping it. and I have also submitted my blog to various RSS directories. And you know what? google started to index my blog! amazing! when I tried to do this search on google How to make money online for absolute beginner my page display on rank #45 which is on page 5 of the SERP try to look at this

After a couple of days submitting ang commenting on some blogs my page google index my page much faster!
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Checking your backlinks | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#9

Hello once again welcome to this series of steps on how to make money online for absolute beginner.

On the last post of this mini series How to make money online I have discuss about the links building techniques which is quite time consuming. I have commented on some other peoples blog by reading it and saying something useful, now I wanted to check if they are also giving me some back links how would I do it? I have a tool a very good one which most of the SEO expert out there use SEO Elite it can check pretty much anything I'll try to use my own blog to see for if the blogs i commented get back some links. here is the screen shot.

How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner

How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner

You see there are a lot of things you can do on SEO Elite and its a very useful tool. I have an overview on which site are linking back to me if they are not linking then why would you link anyway?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backlinks | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post #8

Hello, Once again welcome to this blog of how to make money online, for those who are new kindly refer to this page How to make money online for absolute beginner. Alright As you see on my page I have Added some Affiliate Links, my google adsense was not yet approve ever since i've cancelled it for the issue on my payee name. It was almost two weeks now they said that they are going to review it in 3days but a couple of weeks past but then no luck. I keep on re-submitting my application to them f*ck google again. Alright its time to build some backlinks on this blog. Well Well, there are a couples we can do, I will list them together with the tools to use.

By the way building backlinks is a time consuming process, and you shouldnt give up at this point because this is the most important part its like saying BACKLINKS=80%,SEO=10%,CONTENT=10% that figure isn't perfect but it would give you an idea.

Here we go:

1.) Backlink technique #1
Ask for link exchange - Find a website that more or less of the same niche you are talking with and ask the webmaster/owner if they can exchange link with you. Be polite give them the reason they will exchange links with you. Believe me there are people who are really kind hearted to exchange links with you, there are also people that won't give a piece of there blessed juices, don't despair its not the end of the world. There are a lot if different method we can use, just stay with me.

2.) Backlink technique #2
free .edu and .gov links - Another great potential is edu and gov links as Google and others give authority over these types of domain extentions.
The ’site:’ feature in Google allows only results with that domain name or domain extension to show up. You can “hack” this feature to allow Google to find the most relevant university and government websites related to your sites.
Google query: site:.edu *make money online* + blog
For example: site:.edu internet marketing blog
The top result is a .edu blog that links to a non edu blog, but that blog is related and is PR3 and has edu backlinks. That is also a great relevant place to comment, even if it is not directly a .edu. On the other hand, the third result was a PR3 highly related .edu internet marketing blog with zero comments. That is easy .edu backlinks!

You can easily replicate these queries to fit your needs, and it is highly scalable. You can find .edu, .gov, and if you are lucky, .mil blogs. If you are not as picky, you can just search specifically for the blogs without the .edu or .gov extension, and you can find some high pageranked blogs on the first pages of results. Play around with it, enjoy it, it’s free! Then of course you know how to drop a link on the comments.

3.) Backlink Technique #3
If you are trying to build links to your site to increase your pagerank, and rank higher in Google and the other search engines, then you know that every link helps.
If you have not checked out AboutUs.org, I recommend that you go to Aboutus.org/*yoursite*.com, and add your website as it is a free link and takes 20 seconds to setup.
check out mine http://www.aboutus.org/MakeMoneyForAbsoluteBeginner.BlogSpot.com

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just another SEO optimization | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post #7

Hello once again, welcome to this series on how to make money online for the absolute beginner, this blog started on August 20, 2009 and its been 3 days since I continuously posting content, I am very eager to be included on the SERP results, last time that I am checking the actual URL (of this blog of course) on the search engine it would render 0 results, I wonder how many days google will update their indexed and include this blog to their SERP, but guess what? today when I type http://makemoneyforabsolutebeginner.blogspot.com on google this little blog now appears on the SERP.

Now lets try the keyphrasesHow to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner

google will return this result
my blog How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner was on page 10 of the search engine SERP, which is rank 91 on this keyphrases!

I need to optimize more on this blog based on the key-phrases that I will supply on my web content, and I need to find way on how to scatter all these key-phrases below without being too spammy on the eyes of the search engine.

Here are the possible keyphrases that I need to use:

  1. make money online
  2. how to make money online
  3. make money online for free
  4. ways to make money online
  5. make money free online
  6. make money online on autopilot
  7. make money online guaranteed
  8. free ways to make money online
  9. make online money
  10. make easy money online
  11. make money online now
  12. ways for teens to make money online
  13. make money online without spending any
  14. best way to make money online
  15. make money online free
  16. make money online www abunzapays com
  17. can i make money online
  18. how can i make money online
  19. make money online fast
  20. easy make money online way
  21. make money online business hyip
  22. free canadian proven online program make money
  23. free make money online
  24. make free money online any countyr
  25. make money online forum blackhat
  26. make money online sneaky ways
  27. free online ways to make money
  28. best online way to make money and try it for free
  29. how to make extra money online
  30. make instant money online absolutley free
  31. make money online from home
  32. make online free money
  33. make quick money online
  34. teenager make money online
  35. make extra money online
  36. make money for newbies online
  37. make money online business
  38. make money online instantly
  39. make money online with google
  40. make simple money online
  41. extra make money online
  42. make money online auction revenues
  43. make money taking online surveys
  44. make quick money online odesk
  45. doing make money online survey
  46. make free money online
  47. make money at home online
  48. make money automatically online
  49. make money online and have your check in a week
  50. make money online doing small tasks
  51. make money online forum
  52. make real money online
  53. online make money
  54. online moneymaking make money online
  55. really make money online monetize
  56. safe ways to make money online
  57. canadian make money online
  58. make big money online holiday
  59. make money easy online
  60. make money online for beginners
  61. make money online in south africa
  62. make money online with
  63. way to make money online
  64. disabled learn to make money online
  65. fee make money no online
  66. how to make money online as a kid
  67. legitimate ways to make money online
  68. make free easy money online
  69. make money online
  70. make money online account
  71. make money online home selling ebooks
  72. make money online selling b5media
  73. make money online selling networker
  74. make money online survey
  75. make money online work
  76. make money playing online poker
  77. make money taking online surveys,
  78. make money using online affiliate p
  79. make money working online cashcrate
  80. make quick money fast online
  81. auction make money online sell comment
  82. fast ways to make money online
  83. free make money online book
  84. how to make big money online
  85. how to make money writing online
  86. make automated money online doing nothing
  87. make easy money online loc us
  88. make easy money online testimonials
  89. make money easy online referral
  90. make money easy online testimonials
  91. make money fast online
  92. make money fast online revenues
  93. make money free online ping
  94. make money from online
  95. make money online blackhat method
  96. make money online canada prizes
  97. make money online fast testimonials
  98. make money online http
  99. make money online selling cafepress
  100. make money online today

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Monetize your Blog using Pay Per Click , Cost Per Click | Adsense Alternative | How to make money Online for Absolute beginner post #6

Hello again for those that are following my blog, thank you hope you get something out of this post. Anyway there has been a slight changes to my plan, on How to make money online for absolute beginner. Instead of going further into SEO and generating traffic I will describe ways on how to monetize this blog, since SEO coupled with generating links to this blog is a time consuming process.

Alright here are the list and I will go over on this one by one.

Making Money Online With Adsense
AdSense is the current leader in content-sensitive web-based marketing. Webmasters can place google AdSense JavaScript code on their web pages in order to allow google's servers to show context sensitive advertisements (google Adwords).

Google's terms and conditions are very strict such that many web publishers cannot use adsense adverts on their sites. They are either denied from joining the Google AdSense program, or in a situation that is becoming more and more common do not wish to do business with Google. A number of publishers are also finding their Adsense accounts are being disabled for reasons that are completely beyond their control. The problem is that most of the alternatives to Google's Adsense are pretty useless. Most of the good ones (such as doubleclick) are only interested in very large volume customers and so are not interested in the little guy with his blog who wants to earn a small income on the side. For this reason I have compiled my Top 10 alternatives to Google's Adsense that are ideal for the small time publisher.

Well currently, I cancelled my adsense and reapply because of some issue on my payee name, believe me just to change your payee name if you are living from the Philippines (there are countries included on this list aside from Philippines so check yours if you are included and want to change your payee name. Be warned!)would require you to cancell your adsense account and re-apply f*ck google! I am still waiting to be enrolled again. Its now two weeks still my application is on review I dont know if they are really reviewing it manually or it is automated, but guess what there are many alternatives to google adsense, for CPC thing. here are the list:

1. Adbrite

AdBrite, is currently one of the best alternatives there is to Google's adsense. While they do not offer the same large selection of ad formats that Google Adsense provide you they do offer the most commonly used ones. In addition they offer inline page links with have some great click through ratios as well as interstitial full page ads which offer an excellent way to monetize all traffic to your site not just traffic that clicks on your ads. Their payouts are also very competitive. They have more relaxed terms and conditions than Adsense and are much more accepting of smaller publishers including bloggers.

If you're a publisher, use AdBrite to set your own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that's purchased for your site or just have AdBrite auto accept ever ad. AdBrite enables you to instantly sell ads to your visitors via a "Your Ad Here" link, in addition to selling through AdBrite's marketplace and sales team.

2. Clicksor

Clicksor is one of the current leaders of the small publisher Adsense competition. They have payouts upto a market leading 85% and unlike a number of alternatives the cost per click bid values are high enough that you can earn a decent income. They are also, in my experience, much more tollerant than Google. Their terms and conditions suggest that you should only place one copy of their code on a page but as long as you only place a single pop-up or DHTML code on a page they seem happy to let you place many context sensitive ad blocks on a single site.

Clicksor also has a big advantage over a number of the lower ranked alternatives on this site in that their ads are truly context sensitive. Thus while you can provide keywords they have technology that will also show ads targeted to the content of your site. This means your visitors are exposed to ads of the same subject as they were searching for when they reached your site and thus vastly increases the click thru ratio and thus your sites earning potential. The context sensitive nature also saves you the hassle of having to specify keywords for all of your sites and decide in advance what people might be looking for.

3. BidVertiser

Bidvertiser can be a useful alternative to Google and offer some intriguing ad formats including what they refer to as free design. This lets you specify the look and dimensions of your text ads. While a useful feature I have not investigated how well it works but imagine that while it sounds good on paper it could result in lower priced ads being displayed. I.e. most advertisers will probably want to keep control of the layout of their ads and so turn off support for Free design ads.

Bidvertizer pays you either in $25.00 increments by check or $10.00 increments by PayPal.

Customize the layout of your ads: BidVertiser gives you a simple point-and-click tool to help you customize the layout of the ads to fit your site's look and feel, in order to retain the high quality of your website. Bidvertizer also offers the opportunity to block unwanted ads. The reports provided by Bidvertiser are adequate but not outstanding. The only real problem is that they can be picky with who they accept into their program and can be quick to ban users whose websites show what may be perfectly valid fluctuating visitor behaviour. Click here to visit Bidvertiser's website where you can either sign up as a publisher (show peoples ads on your site) or as an advertiser (show your ads on other sites).

4. Chitika
Get Chitika | Premium
Chitika - The Leader in Impulse Merchandising
Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) was founded in 2003 and is the industry's leading impulse merchandising company. Chitika was founded in May 2003 and is based in Massachusetts. Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services.

Chitika doesn't really stand alone as a single advertising solution but instead provides you with a way to compliment your existing advertising / publishing program with some additional Ad Units which are altogether different from the standard ad boxes, pop-unders etc that everybody else provides. Instead of displaying these 'industry standard' advert boxes with text and image ads that all look the same they instead provide active boxes that show targeted products from different manufacturers. If you run a blog for example and discuss a product you may find the chitika box showing links for this product and competitors products. If people purchase these products you get a paid a commission. This is referred to as impulse marketing in the form of Premium Ad Units (eMinimalls). Feel free to give it a try although I think the ideal use of this service would be as a compliment to another advertizers service. E.g. you could show Clicksor context sensitive ads on your site and then compliment these with Chitika's eMinimalls.

For advertisers and media buyers, Chitika is a proven channel for targeting on-line consumers and qualified buyers. For all publishers, Chitika is an easy-to-use platform for earning daily ad revenue. If you visit a site showing Chitika's ads from a search engine then the Chitika premium ad unit kicks in showing you ads that are specific to your searching - otherwise you can have it show an alternative ad provider, such as adsense, or you can just have it collapse away to show nothing.

Chitika allows you to display targeted products based on what people searched for to get to your page and you get paid for clicks. It provides a robust comparative shopping experience for your visitors. Visitors will love the interactive search code -- and it makes you money Click here to visit Chitika's website and sign up today.

5. Adtoll

AdToll pays on a CPC basis. Their user interface is great and navigating through the user panel is both easy and pleasant. Payments are available via Cheque, Paypal, ePassporte and Wire/Bank Transfer. It is also possible to use the revenue you earn as a publisher to advertise your website further. Such integration is something that is entirely missing from Google's adsense-adwords.

The newest technology by AdToll is a Peel Away Ad technology that shows a peel on the top right hand side of a web site. When the mouse moves over the peel it opens smoothly to reveal the advert within. This new ad format allows you to make use of the lesser used, yet highly visible top corners of web sites. It is very non intrusive to the site visitor. Since it uses a small amount of space, it is efficient use of web site real estate. An additional plus is that such a new advertising format always draws curious clicks for visitors. Click here to visit AdToll and sign up for a no obligation account today.

6. Exit Junction

ExitJunction.com  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!

If you are like most publishers chances are you are already using banners, contextual ads, etc. so the question becomes how do you make even more money without annoying your visitors.

The term “exit traffic” refers to site visitors that leave a website that they have visited. While not all sites can necessarily attract large numbers of new visitors that find them on existing search engines, it is inevitable that a user visiting a website eventually leaves it. Once a site visitor clicks through to a particular site that he found on a search engine, he may then leave that site for various reasons and by a number of ways. For instance, a visitor searching for something in particular may end up at a certain site that does not satisfy his search and so ends up leaving this site by clicking on the "back" button.

While many website owners advertise and optimize their sites for search engines, few publishers realize the potential of monetizing their site’s exit traffic that results from search engine traffic, and even fewer programs and ad companies offer solutions to help publishers create this new revenue stream.

ExitJunction offers all the necessary tools needed for the publishers to turn their search engine exit traffic into hard cash. Once a publisher joins our program and inserts the ExitJunction linking code, a new revenue stream is created for his site. Each time an online visitor searches for something on a major search engine and ends up visiting your site, a new revenue opportunity is presented to you.
Don't let this opportunity pass sign up today. Click here!

7. Yahoo Publisher Network
To be considered for the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program, please enter your information below. Participants of the program must have a valid U.S. Social Security or Tax ID number, and web site content that is predominantly in English and targeted at a U.S. user base. Yahoo! will contact you about your eligibility to participate and about availability of the program.

8. Fastclick
Advertising wise FastClick (ValueClick) offer an industry-average 65-percent monthly payout on all advertising revenue your website generates. Fastclick pays by the 25th of the month for the previous month by check or PayPal.

Formats include:

* Text Ads
* Image Ads
* Interstitial
* Pop-Under
* InVue

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Friday, August 21, 2009

A very basic SEO Introduction | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#5

Welcome again folks on another episode on how to make money online for absolute beginner, In this post I will discuss the many different techniques I will use to generate traffic to my site, but before that let me tell you that my post on http://ezinearticles.com was approved. Whats the point? well, My article was exposed

to one of the most heavily busy sites on the net today and getting backlink to that site pointing on this blogs is a good point. Check this article here Blogging For Fun and For a Living

Alright we will again need to learn what is SEO this is one of the factor that will boost our chances of listed in a keyword that we are up too in this case make money online for absolute beginner.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of altering your web pages so that they rank more highly in search engine results.

There are other ways to get your site found on the Internet. One way is to get listed in various directories. This usually involves some kind of fee. Another way to make your site visible on the Internet is to pay for advertising. One of the most popular is the Pay per click system, or PPC for short (e.g. Google Adwords). Under this system, you pay the company (commonly a search engine) who advertises your site a fee every time somebody clicks the link in your advert.

These systems can prove to be expensive and are, in fact, not entirely necessary. A much more cost-effective way of making your site visible is to learn the basic techniques of search engine optimisation. Unlike PPC or directories, listings in search engine results are absolutely free.

1.) How search engine optimisation works?

Search engine optimisation works, then, by optimising your site for search engines in such a way that it brings targeted traffic to your site. By this, we mean Internet users who are actually looking for your products or services (visits from people who are not actually looking for your products or services may increase the number of hits your site gets but is not likely to achieve conversion, i.e. turn visits into sales, or encourage repeat visits).

In basic terms, SEO does this by attempting to match key aspects of your page content with the kinds of phrases/niche that people type into search engines when looking for something on the Internet.

2.) How Basic Internet Search works?
Let us say, for example, that you are an Internet user who is looking a tutorial on how to make money online for absolute beginner. You are likely to start your search for making money online by going to the home page of a search engine and typing relevant terms into the search box. This is known as a search query.

make money online,how to make money online,make money online for free,ways to make money online,make money free online, make money online guaranteed,free ways to make money online,make easy money online,can i make money online,how can i make money online,how to make extra money online,make money online from home. (this are keywords)

Here are some of phrases we might type into search engines when looking for how to make money online:

how to make money online for absolute beginner how to make money online

These collections of words are known as search terms or keyword phrases or keyphrases.

Note: A keyphrase is a collection of words that people actually type into search engines when searching for products or services.

When we enter one of the above terms into a major search engine, we are presented with a list of results that the search engine believes to be relevant to the term searched for. For example, if we type ‘how to make money online for absolute beginner how to make money online’ into Google, we are presented with the following page of results:

how to make money online for absolute beginner how to make money online

Google has highlighted certain words for every result it has returned. If we look at the page in first position for example, it highlights the following words:

This example allows us to outline a few important points.

1. The search engine is trying to match the search query, or the keyphrase that we have entered, with the textual content of individual web pages.
2. This means that search engines read the textual content of web pages.
3. Therefore, SEO involves optimising the textual content of web pages so that search engines can read them.
4. Finally, a major part of the SEO process involves trying to match the textual content of your site with the kinds of phrases people actually use when searching for the kinds of product or services you offer, so that the search engine thinks that your site is a relevant result for those phrases.

Note however that using repetitive keyphrases again and again would result in keyword spamming and search engine will penalized you for that.

There are factors that we can do to optimize our page
1.) On Page factor - refer here How to make money online for absolute beginner
2.) Off Page factor
Off-page factors, refer to factors that are, to a large extent, outside the control of the individual webmaster. The most important of these are external links. External links are the links on a different domain or website that point to your website. Because external links exist on other websites, we can’t manipulate them so easily as we don’t have the access and administrative rights necessary to add links to our own website.

More on this on my next post! thanks for reading!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Linking Techniques | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#4

This is Day 3 of How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner And it is doing great,Check below is the screenshot
Alright guys you see, the traffic is increasing and we need more traffic! How to make money online for beginner is just a very new blog, google didn't even indexed this blog and thats a very big problem right how to get indexed by search engine. The traffic you see here were not coming from search engine result (SERP). We need traffic from search engine result to make money online. Direct traffic is not a very good traffic. If you have a loyal readers it wont take long they will forget your blog. but search engine traffic is the best, we need that in this how to make money online for beginner.

Take note: Based on my observation google takes a very long time to indexed blogger.com Its their own service and I dont Know why, I have created a diffrent domain and in just two days google indexed it. but this blog and another blog I tried using blogger, still I can't find it in SERP. I hope google indexed this in a weeks time? month? years? shit, i can't wait that long! I need to do something to get on those SERP result.

Thats right we need links to get this how to make money online for beginner get into SERP, and how do we do it? Before we start further we need links with the same niche as we have, we need need links that talks what we are talking example Make Money Online Don't try to link with blogs or sites that of different topic you are talking for example don't link with a blog that talks about someone's daily experencies definitely google will demerit you for that, because we are talking about how to make money online.

An underlying key to all linking strategies is that you must have great on page content. If there is nothing special about your site, why would someone link to it? People don't link to you for your benefit, they link to you because they think your content will benefit their site visitors. The do not see the opportunity to buy your product as a benefit. They want articles, facts, information, humor - something of unique value.

Take Note of this:
1. Purchase links: Don't buy text links for purposes of increasing your search engine traffic. If you want to buy them, buy them solely for purposes of the traffic you get from the other site. Chances are the search engines will not credit them to you any way.
2. Swap links with non-relevant sites: This is a clear waste of time. Search engines easily recognize link swaps, and unless the site is highly relevant to yours, the links are of no value. In fact, too many of them can hurt your rankings.

Now, we need to employ linking techniques I will list it below and make a challenge out of it.

1.) Posting on forums. ( Not a very good one but I will try)
Read the thread, think of something to say and write it, Most forums are seriously handicapped when it comes to SEO. A lot of similar threads, centered around the same core keywords, long and ugly URL’s, very few if any links pointing to threads, most just to the main page, duplicate content issues.

Challenge : 100 post on different forums ( The time consuming part is finding the right forums on your niche )

2.) Link Bait ( hmmm this is kind hard )
‘linkbait’ is a term that is used to describe a variety of practices that have the purpose of generating links to your site. This is an example of a link bait check this Tool from Dane of Business Opportunities I need to think good on how to have a link bait LOLZ

3.) Set Up Blog Farms ( Oh Yea! )
A blog farm is nothing more than a collection of blogs used to get aid backlinks to your pages and blogs

And a Note about linking check this out from google engineers

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Meta tag for SEO | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#3

Hello folks welcome again to my step by step instruction on how to make money online for absolute beginner. In the previous post, I have discuss how to setup statcounter.com for monitoring my site traffic, this is day 2 now of my quest to generate money online. Ok guys the current traffic of my site come from different sources. try to take a look at this.

You see I am gaining traffic for just 2days since i make this site up! Yes finally! this is very promising,

im sure with a lot of hard work I can gain more traffic. But here is one problem as of the moment, google doesn't index my pages yet so I guess i need to wait for a little bit time for google to see mee on its SERP ( Search Engine Result Page) .

You might ask how did you get this traffic? Two days? How did you promote your site?
thats a very good question.

At this moment I will not directly jump to the linking,backlinking etc. steps I did show it to you guys that I can really drive traffic and this blog is not just another blog lurking on the dark side of the internet. Did you get me???? :)

Ok guys our next step for this journey on how to make money online for absolute beginner is doing some very basic SEO on our page. You hear it right SEO ( Search engine Optimization)
the acronym always talked by most of the bloggers and talked by most gurus. Unlike many other bloggers that always talk and talk without showing how to actually do it fuck them! in the face!
Alright lets define some words here and get the overview of what actually SEO is.

Lets borrow some definition from wikipedia

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Typically, the earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a web site web presence."

I really like wikipedia they gave me definitions i can't explain. LOLS
ok guys so based on the definition above there is what they called a process of improving
the volume or quality of traffic that goes to your blog/site. Ok what are those processes? check out this nice diagram i did draw using photoshop cs 4

Alright hope you guys did understand what i mean by the diagram. lets discuss first the Search Engine friendly design.

Meta elements provide information about a given Web page, most often to help search engines categorize them correctly. Well this is one of the oldest known factor where a webpage can rank higher than the other,. Most major search engine said that the relevance of having META elements set for keyword has little or no effect at all. On the other side Yahoo claims that it still use the META tag for some of its rankings.

Alright, on our side we will use the Meta tag, even thought it has a little effect on our site we need to use it! check out my screenshot below

Now, guys lets try to use the service of this site seocentro.com I am not affiliated or connected to this site, I just found it very useful for me to optimized my blog.

and lets try to use it meta tag analyzer and lets see what it spit out on this blog.
check my screenshot below

You can see your title description and keyword and also it counts how many words are there

Next is the Meta tag Analysis, it check for errors on you meta tag and rate your meta tags! in this blog how to make money online for absolute beginner its throws out excellent rating! well i have not yet tested this site to other tools but basically my point here is check your meta tags!

Another one is the web page analysis, check it out it warns you for adult word lolz don't speak bad word joe...

Next is the result on how your page will appear in SERP, hmmm this blog don't appear yet on SERP. f*ckin google.

And next is the keywords in the anchor tag this means How to make money online for absolute beginner that is whats inside this tags

and also it check for your alt="how to make money online for absolute beginner" in your images

and the last is the keyword density of your blog

Alright, so you see now how to do some basic SEO on your blog? this is a quite long post for me, wait for my next series on this how to make money online for absolute beginner.

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Introduction to Traffic Monitoring using statcounter | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#2

Hello once again Im here to post another installment on my journey to How to create money online for absolute beginner If you have come across this page it would be nice if you check my first installment for this series. How to make money online for absoulte beginner now my last post was creating a blog on blogger or blogspot. Alright, i wanted to monitor my traffic on this blog well, there are lots of possible ways to do it.

There is one from google but i won't deal with it as of the moment, i will be using the service of statcounter.com. Go register yourself on statcounter and create a new project by adding a new project check the screenshot below

how to make money online for absolute beginner
and you will be presented with a series of settings for you to set with depending on your setup
1.) Website Title : How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner
2.) Website URL : http://makemoneyforabsolutebeginner.blogspot.com/
3.) Category : here I used Computer & Internet
4.) Your Timezone:
5.) Maximum Visit Length : here i set to 30 mins
-Used to calculate your unique and returning visitors from a cookie. If this amount of time or more has elapsed since a visitor last visited a page on your website, then that visitor is considered unique.
6.)Log Size : here you are limited to 500 because you are using free service
7.) IP Blocking : Set your IP here so that you wont add your own visit to the log
how to make money online for absolute beginner
Configure your code for stat counter this is the code you will be adding to your blog.

how to make money online for absolute beginnerIn my case i use the default visible you can see it at the bottom of my page, Select Unique visits only and also set the default number to whatever you like, i have set it to 000000
how to make money online for absolute beginnerAlright are you still with me? ok then lets continue here is the code that you need to put on your template, I have skip some of the screenshot its seems its all self explanatory

The next thing is go to your blogger dashboard select layout Add Gadget drag it to the bottom of your screen check the screenshot below

Refresh your page and VIOLA! you got a counter, Now go check your statcounter project to monitor for incoming traffic where did it came from how many have visit your site etc. Statcounter have a good set of tools for monitoring your blogs.
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