Thursday, October 1, 2009

Page Rank now PR 0

Hello everyone who is following this blog How to make money online for absolute beginner, after almost a month since this blog was started, and posting some content within,

finally, I got PR0 from google PR checker. "What the heck? PR0 and you are boasting it?" that may sound ridiculous but there are a lot of 2-3 years blogs that don't even come close to that Ranking. Its been almost two weeks that i did not update anything on this blog, I decided to change my template to much more eye appealing, but the trade-off is that i lost some of the widgets, I lost my blogroll my apologies to those who are in my blogroll, i can't just place it here, because I am so forgetful so please inform me if you are once listed in my bloglist, so that i can start showing your link again.


moneymaker said...

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moneymaker said...

Thanks man, now i got PR2 fromm google, its a Halloween Reward! :)

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