Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make Real Money Now

Alright, If you are following my blog for sometime, you might ask how in the world are you gonna make money online? . Thats a good question. My blog is not running any adsense, which is very bad, I still can't join adsense, "big G at the moment won't allow me in, this is a long story to tell why I still can't join with this precious adsense" , Well folks making real money online is really really hard! there is no easy way, I know we are all starving to earn even with just few cents. But worry no more, it is the purpose of this blog to tell you, from the beginner's perspective how to make money online, One of the best way to get you started earning $$$$$ is by joining PTC sites (PAID TO CLICK). I basically dislike to favor and promote any paid to click site as they have never impressed me due to following reasons:

* Mostly of these PTC sites are scam. The other day they are online the next day they are gone.
* They are very time consuming to make money online and it take ages to reach their payouts unless you don’t have good amount of active referrals with them which are very difficult to get.

But there are some real and very impressive, legitimate and good paid to click sites lurking on the internet, which I really want to share with you!

NEOBUX - yes this is the name i started it yesterday, and you know what? I have earned $0.04 cents! thats real money! and im earning online! with no fuzz or whatsoever.

does this bored you?

Now check out why I am telling you why this one is my favorite.

* This site has minimum payout of 2$ which you can request either to alertpay or PayPal account.
* 0.01$ per ad clicked and 0.005$ for your referrals clicked is also impressive rate.
* Feature of renting active referrals and that also at cheaper rates is one of the best feature of this site.

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to join NEOBUX and earn your first cent!
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MLM Marketing

MLM Marketing is a marketing structure that is used by some companies. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by paying promoters for both the sales of the companies products they make and for new distributors they bring into the business that will go on to promote the companies product as well.

Anyone who joins and promotes the companies products are known as distributors. They do not earn a salary but instead they are awarded a commission dependant on how many sales they make themselves and the sales their downline make. This process is similar to a franchise.

A downline is the people that have paid you to join the MLM business and you will get a percentage of their sales. So in essence you pay to join into the business and then you will earn for every person you bring into the business and any future sales they make.

Here are some advantages of MLM’s: Quick and easy to get set up, Can start straight away, If you join when the MLM business is relatively new you can stand to build a large down line and therefore earn a lot of money.

Here are the Disadvantages of MLM; Methods of selling are outdated, this is because most MLM models encourage you to sell to your firends and family, pick up the phone and tell people about your product. These aren’t exactly cutting edge and many people will not be interested in sales calls! Another disadvantage is if you join near the bottom of the line most of the market will be saturated and you’re competing with experienced marketers. Now you will not be able to compete with these as nearly all MLM’s do not provide training on Internet Marketing and techniques.

So overall I think MLM’s are outdated as the marketing techniques they teach are no longer effective. Nearly every MLM will not provide you with the real training you need on Internet Marketing if you are to make money online and set up a successful home business.

Now there of course there are people making money from MLM’s and I’m not by any means trying to say they cannot make you money, but there is a very high failure rate as there’s a lack of training and support!

One of the main reasons people choose to make money online is to have free time but at the beginning you will spend most of your time on the phone selling your product and most people will not buy from you which leads to you getting disheartened and is the main reason people give up!

However if you have got your mind set on joining an MLM make sure you join near the top of a line and that there will be the support and training you require!

it article came from the laptop of Jonathan Pitts. Jonathan is a very experienced Internet Marketer who has had a lot of success in it Industry! He now trains others so they can become successful entrepreneurs too! Fed up of the Smoke in it Industry he has produced a Truth Report to give the FACTS on how to Make Money Online! He could be charging $100’s for it but has decided to give it away for free!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Finally PR2 a Halloween gift from GOOGLE

Finally I got Page rank 2 (PR2) from my beloved big G, I just noticed it this November that my PR was changed from 0 to 2, well, nothing much to boast but it feels very rewarding even though this blog is far from real monetizing it. Is your blog getting a change too?
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