Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner

Hello everyone who is reading this blog, after reading some of the works of the most successful IM (internet marketers) and also from the blogs of the people at the top 5 of google SERP on MMO, I was inspired and want to share the same juices everyone is enjoying I wanted to start posting every step i make and update the post for any developments and status of my experiments.

I wanted also to share the tools i will be using and the methods to drive traffic to this site and check gradually for any traffic increase. So if your are looking for make money online,how to make money online,make money online for free,ways to make money online,make money free online, make money online guaranteed,free ways to make money online,make easy money online,can i make money online,how can i make money online,how to make extra money online,make money online from home then you have come to the right place!

Have you always dreaming of lying on the beach with beautiful girls on your side massaging you, while your money generates automatically??? well if your not maybe your not a man after all whoaaa!.

Ok on to the experiment. Making money online is not an easy task for all you know, it involves dedication, time, effort and it cost you, and there is no QUICK RICH method! if you have encountered sites saying you'll be RICH in a couple of week that is bullshit! i don't believe that, for you information I am a web developer / designer / linux administrator / i have developed so many sites using and modifying some of the worlds best CMS like joomla,drupal,wordpress and so many others. hmmm whats my point here??? i dont believe in an instant get quick rich method. Thats it you must dedicate to the work ok?

Here are my basic layout and plan for my experiment on making money online for absolute beginner.

1.) What is my target audience?
-First thing you must select your target audience that is the one who will read your blog this involves selection of keyword and also the term "niche". That is the killer method selecting the right "niche" i hope you are aware of this. Niche is not a keyword ok?
"how to cure a dandruff" you can always say "how to avoid dandruff" or "how to prevent dandruff" did you get me?

There are a lot of people/blogger talking about how great content will make you rich. No no no. You can have great content, but if it’s not targeting money making niches, you won’t make anything at all. This is what “bloggers” do – they rationalize a sort of blogging field of dreams scenario where if you build a website with great content, people will come. Yes, this certainly may happen, but this is highly dependent on exactly what sort of content we are talking about. If you are talking about your day at work, the only person who fucking cares will be your "mom" "mama" "nanay".

Great content is well…great, but it also needs focus. You need to write great content about content that offers to solve (or point somewhere in the direction of) a problem.

Content + No Keyword target = $00,000,000

But on the other side of the coin we have:

Content + Keyword Research =$99,999,999

well that is an overly exaggerated figure :)

So you want to know how to make money online? You target desperate people who are so fucked if they don’t get help soon. Yea, were talking about that person with dandruff so bad he’s got to wear a ninja suite when he goes outside.

2.) Where would my site/blogs be hosted?

Here is another choices to be made would i buy domains and hosting plans? My answer is BIG NO since this is a journey, an experiment on how to make money online for absolute beginner I have decided to use free hosted blogger sites. I will not spend a penny buying a domain at this monent I wanted to see how good is it to generate money from this sites. I am also considering .

3.) What will be the tools I will be using?

Ok there are a lots of tools that we need here.

1.) For monitoring the status of your site in my case How to make money online for absolute beginner i will be using the services at I will place a visible marker at the end of the page to monitor the traffic to this blog.

2.) I am also recommending the tools of they have a good set of online tools to be used by anybody. I am not connected or an affiliate of that site just to give a some good tools for doing your own SEO.

3.) I am using also this tool Mass Article Creator this is a very good one it can generate 1000 unique article within seconds with just a little tweaking. It really saves time! go on read the review of this tool and find out its capabilities.

4.) Go check out this tool from Brad Callen SEO ELITE this is really a beautiful piece of software its like looking on the eyes of GOOGLE. It can analyze your site pretty well go check this one and find a review of this product a must really for serious blogger/Internet Marketers

Ok so you see i have all the basics now of how to make money online for absolute beginner, now you might ask how would I start doing it? Well basically you should lay-out your plans. And here are my plans to start building this money machine whoaaa!!!!!!

  1. Create an authoritative site. - in this case i have this hosted on blogger this is my main authoritative site for this how to make money online for absolute beginner. (This is done now! thats why you are reading this!) Ok folks I will demonstrate here how to create a new account on blogger. Whats the point of not showing it here??? my blog is all about how to make money online for the absolute beginner. I assume that absolute beginner knows nothing so thats why ill show it enuf said!
  • Create a gmail id fire up your browser and at the address bar type gmail.comhow to make money online for absolute beginner

follow the on screen instructions and your done. Once you have your own gmail id it would be easy for you to join on blogger. Now after creating your gmail id on the address bar type or and you will hit this landing page

how to make money online for absolute beginner

follow the on screen instructions and fill out the required fields. btw i used a very nice tool to capture this screen shot from within your firefox window it is called screengrab its a firefox addon go on add this too to your browser it might help you out.

how to make money online for absolute beginner

Now its time to see the dashboard

how to make money online for absolute beginner

Whew! thats a lot of copy pasting an image anyway just experiment with blogger there are a lot of possibilities there you can change your template or if you go dirty you can change its appearance manually. Now in my case i have written a post and set title of my blog to how to make money online for absolute beginner. and start posting it thats why you are reading it right now. :)

On the next episode of this journey I will be discussing how to monitor the traffic on your site using a free service of

I will continue on the next step of this journey next post. I seems it consumes a lot of my time now I don't like the stare of my wife at me whoaaa!

And ohh by the way check out this cool site Money Making Online it might help you too.

junjavier signing off

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