Tuesday, September 29, 2009

@carmento I hope it keeps raining and die in floods like those filipino monkeys ;-)

This post is not about money making tips but It caught my attention and I feel very sorry for my fellow country men, who strive to struggle for life and yet other people wishes us all to die like monkeys. This is the tweets of those Korean Shits!


@carmento I hope it keeps raining and die in floods like those filipino monkeys ;-)

@soapysuds Just give them your dinner. It should be enough to feed the whole country or 2 days ㅋㅋㅋ Or let them cook u, that will last 2 yrs!

@WGyenny 야! 예은! 지금 한국에서! 지금 뭐해? I love watching those filipinos suffer and drowning in their 3rd world monkey island! Monkeys can't swim! ㅋㅋ

@HelloMaiAzn U r fucking stupid LOL If philippines isn't a poor 3rd world monkey island, what is poor? If they're not poor, what is poor?LOL

@stupidsunye That's y our English is bad. Coz we learn from our 3rd world fans who cant speak english either LOL Like Yenny said!

I was really mad at this tweet, http://twitter.com/UglyYuBin (Read it from CNN) If its not for countries who shows there support including the Philippines for the Korean War for sure those bitches! would eat grass and would work as WHORE in north Korea, lets just wait and see for some Nuke to slam on their city and let see who are monkeys!
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google says content scrapers aren't a big deal | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner

Google Says It's Possible to Benefit From Them

If you write for the web, whether that be on a blog or any other content site, there is a good chance your content has been scraped at some point, if not on a continuous basis. The good news is that it's probably not that big of a deal. At least that is what Google's Matt Cutts imples.

Answering user questions as he so often does, Cutts took on the question, "Is there a way to benefit from content scraped from your site?"

The simple answer to this is yes. You actually may be able to slightly benefit from having your content scraped. According to Cutts, if you make sure the pages on your site have links to you in them, the scrapers may leave the links in and end up linking to you. He says these links can "help you along."

"There are some people who really hate scrapers and try to crack down on them and try to get every single one deleted or kicked off their web host," says Cutts. "I tend to be the sort of person who doesn't really worry about it, because the vast, vast, vast majority of the time, it's going to be you that comes up, not the scraper. If the guy is scraping and scrapes the content that has a link to you, he's linking to you, so worst case, it won't hurt, but in some weird cases, it might actually help a little bit."

It's the same principle that Cutts talked about when talking about having links in low-quality directories. He says Google tries not to score the low-quality directories too high, but it doesn't hurt your site at all for being listed there.

He says that most of the time, you don't really need to worry about scrapers, because they don’t have a large effect in terms of the actual impact on users very often. He does add that if you see a scraper ranking higher than you, you can consider doing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act request (DMCA), or if it's a true spammer (gibberish, etc.) you can go ahead and do a spam report on them.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to change BLOGGER favicon

Welcome to how to make money online for absolute beginner, At this point in time i am still at the stage of backlinking to this blog, I'm commenting on some blogs which I think relevant to money making "niche", even no-follow blogs i still read it, follow the comment chain and type in something relevant. That way other users might stumble upon my link and hit it, thats one way of getting backlink but there are tons on how to do it. Which I will show you later, if I get it successful.

Alright, this one is a very simple way on how to change your blogger FAVICON, I suppose that, you know what is FAVICON,

Ok folks, here's how we change it with ease. Go to this site http://www.iconj.com register there once your account have been verified, login and follow the steps on there website, I wont discuss the steps here because the guyz at iconj.com did a very good job in explaining at there website on how to change the blogger FAVICON. You see my FAVICON is pretty nice. So you want to change your boring FAVICON? go change it now.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top 10 List of Most Blocked Websites

Hello, if your are following my blog make money online for beginner you are presented by a series of steps in setting up your money making techniques from the beginners point of view. Currently I'm still busy building backlinks and I've created several blogs for linking purposes, well I will not reveal it yet, still building quality contents :) . Now to entertain you and for the information of everyone I have compiled a list of websites that are mostly BANNED from school, parents, religious institution.

Here are the list:
1. MySpace.com
2. Facebook.com
3. YouTube.com
4. Playboy.com
5. Ebay.com
6. Meebo.com
7. Friendster.com
8. Orkut.com
9. AdultFriendFinder.com
10. Espn.com

Well these are currently the ten most-blocked Web sites on home, school, and small business networks. Most of the blocked or blacklisted sites are about social networks, shopping, sex, religion and pop culture. In China, websites that talk about Porn, Tibet or Democracy are blocked. I'm fortunate I am not living in CHINA lolz.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are CSS designs better than Table for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post #13

There has been a debate all over this, i have read some blogs that said, CSS is SEO friendly compared to its counterpart layout TABLE, according to google, they see both CSS and table based the same, it doesn't matter what your design is, as long as it won't violate any guidelines, well, we know that CSS based designs are easier to maintain, and also almost all of the themes whether you are using wordpress or blogger or Joomla or whatever most of the templates are done using CSS, its been the connotation that using CSS your on the WEB 2.0 and if your using TABLE your from the past. Its you who decides whats best for your site or blog, the advantage of using a TABLE design over CSS is that it is more portable, while in CSS some of the browsers won't follow your design Take for example the IE6 some of the websites suffers from this trade off, if not coded properly CSS can mess up your site. So if you ask are CSS better than table for SEO? Well again its your choice what to use, but in the eyes of google CSS and TABLE layouts are the same period!

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Getting More Links | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#12

Getting links are really harder this days, I have seen sites or blogs that from PR 4 goes back to PR 0, why is this happening? well of course google is changing its game plans to combat black hats and spammers, google is revising its algorithm for ranking, you can still be top at the page for certain keyword but your PR will be down. Most of the gurus on this money making niche have done so far and pushed it to the limits until such time google was awaken of their tricks. Now how would I survive on this game? chances are very slim for me to get as high as top 100 for money making online niche, my answer is perseverance if you have the desire to make money, and make it serious of your work you will be rewarded, thats my thinking right now, anyway Im pushing it too to the limits, i am building backlinks to this blogs one of the best way to build backlinks and looks natural to google is by commenting on the dofollow blogs, and there are so many out there, just look and find check this site followlist.com it will help you get started with.

Ok i've said that commenting on dofollow blogs will help you get started getting backlinks, now how would you comment that it would appear as if you are putting an anchor text within your link? try to look at this example

and what happens if I put this way?

as you see my link was embedded on his page using the comment, if i just put only my name chances are my anchor text is just my name, in this case i did put some text which describe my blogs as well like jun make money online
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