Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting More Links | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#12

Getting links are really harder this days, I have seen sites or blogs that from PR 4 goes back to PR 0, why is this happening? well of course google is changing its game plans to combat black hats and spammers, google is revising its algorithm for ranking, you can still be top at the page for certain keyword but your PR will be down. Most of the gurus on this money making niche have done so far and pushed it to the limits until such time google was awaken of their tricks. Now how would I survive on this game? chances are very slim for me to get as high as top 100 for money making online niche, my answer is perseverance if you have the desire to make money, and make it serious of your work you will be rewarded, thats my thinking right now, anyway Im pushing it too to the limits, i am building backlinks to this blogs one of the best way to build backlinks and looks natural to google is by commenting on the dofollow blogs, and there are so many out there, just look and find check this site it will help you get started with.

Ok i've said that commenting on dofollow blogs will help you get started getting backlinks, now how would you comment that it would appear as if you are putting an anchor text within your link? try to look at this example

and what happens if I put this way?

as you see my link was embedded on his page using the comment, if i just put only my name chances are my anchor text is just my name, in this case i did put some text which describe my blogs as well like jun make money online


giojahn said...

Yup, good blog you have. Nice tip

moneymaker said...

thanks gio just stay tuned or subscribe to my RSS

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moneymaker said...

Very interesting strategy. It is interesting how different strategies can be discovered by visiting different blogs.
I will be back for sure.

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