Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are CSS designs better than Table for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post #13

There has been a debate all over this, i have read some blogs that said, CSS is SEO friendly compared to its counterpart layout TABLE, according to google, they see both CSS and table based the same, it doesn't matter what your design is, as long as it won't violate any guidelines, well, we know that CSS based designs are easier to maintain, and also almost all of the themes whether you are using wordpress or blogger or Joomla or whatever most of the templates are done using CSS, its been the connotation that using CSS your on the WEB 2.0 and if your using TABLE your from the past. Its you who decides whats best for your site or blog, the advantage of using a TABLE design over CSS is that it is more portable, while in CSS some of the browsers won't follow your design Take for example the IE6 some of the websites suffers from this trade off, if not coded properly CSS can mess up your site. So if you ask are CSS better than table for SEO? Well again its your choice what to use, but in the eyes of google CSS and TABLE layouts are the same period!


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