Friday, August 28, 2009

Checking your backlinks | How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner post#9

Hello once again welcome to this series of steps on how to make money online for absolute beginner.

On the last post of this mini series How to make money online I have discuss about the links building techniques which is quite time consuming. I have commented on some other peoples blog by reading it and saying something useful, now I wanted to check if they are also giving me some back links how would I do it? I have a tool a very good one which most of the SEO expert out there use SEO Elite it can check pretty much anything I'll try to use my own blog to see for if the blogs i commented get back some links. here is the screen shot.

How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner

How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner

You see there are a lot of things you can do on SEO Elite and its a very useful tool. I have an overview on which site are linking back to me if they are not linking then why would you link anyway?


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