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A very basic SEO Introduction | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#5

Welcome again folks on another episode on how to make money online for absolute beginner, In this post I will discuss the many different techniques I will use to generate traffic to my site, but before that let me tell you that my post on was approved. Whats the point? well, My article was exposed

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Alright we will again need to learn what is SEO this is one of the factor that will boost our chances of listed in a keyword that we are up too in this case make money online for absolute beginner.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of altering your web pages so that they rank more highly in search engine results.

There are other ways to get your site found on the Internet. One way is to get listed in various directories. This usually involves some kind of fee. Another way to make your site visible on the Internet is to pay for advertising. One of the most popular is the Pay per click system, or PPC for short (e.g. Google Adwords). Under this system, you pay the company (commonly a search engine) who advertises your site a fee every time somebody clicks the link in your advert.

These systems can prove to be expensive and are, in fact, not entirely necessary. A much more cost-effective way of making your site visible is to learn the basic techniques of search engine optimisation. Unlike PPC or directories, listings in search engine results are absolutely free.

1.) How search engine optimisation works?

Search engine optimisation works, then, by optimising your site for search engines in such a way that it brings targeted traffic to your site. By this, we mean Internet users who are actually looking for your products or services (visits from people who are not actually looking for your products or services may increase the number of hits your site gets but is not likely to achieve conversion, i.e. turn visits into sales, or encourage repeat visits).

In basic terms, SEO does this by attempting to match key aspects of your page content with the kinds of phrases/niche that people type into search engines when looking for something on the Internet.

2.) How Basic Internet Search works?
Let us say, for example, that you are an Internet user who is looking a tutorial on how to make money online for absolute beginner. You are likely to start your search for making money online by going to the home page of a search engine and typing relevant terms into the search box. This is known as a search query.

make money online,how to make money online,make money online for free,ways to make money online,make money free online, make money online guaranteed,free ways to make money online,make easy money online,can i make money online,how can i make money online,how to make extra money online,make money online from home. (this are keywords)

Here are some of phrases we might type into search engines when looking for how to make money online:

how to make money online for absolute beginner how to make money online

These collections of words are known as search terms or keyword phrases or keyphrases.

Note: A keyphrase is a collection of words that people actually type into search engines when searching for products or services.

When we enter one of the above terms into a major search engine, we are presented with a list of results that the search engine believes to be relevant to the term searched for. For example, if we type ‘how to make money online for absolute beginner how to make money online’ into Google, we are presented with the following page of results:

how to make money online for absolute beginner how to make money online

Google has highlighted certain words for every result it has returned. If we look at the page in first position for example, it highlights the following words:

This example allows us to outline a few important points.

1. The search engine is trying to match the search query, or the keyphrase that we have entered, with the textual content of individual web pages.
2. This means that search engines read the textual content of web pages.
3. Therefore, SEO involves optimising the textual content of web pages so that search engines can read them.
4. Finally, a major part of the SEO process involves trying to match the textual content of your site with the kinds of phrases people actually use when searching for the kinds of product or services you offer, so that the search engine thinks that your site is a relevant result for those phrases.

Note however that using repetitive keyphrases again and again would result in keyword spamming and search engine will penalized you for that.

There are factors that we can do to optimize our page
1.) On Page factor - refer here How to make money online for absolute beginner
2.) Off Page factor
Off-page factors, refer to factors that are, to a large extent, outside the control of the individual webmaster. The most important of these are external links. External links are the links on a different domain or website that point to your website. Because external links exist on other websites, we can’t manipulate them so easily as we don’t have the access and administrative rights necessary to add links to our own website.

More on this on my next post! thanks for reading!


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Thanks for sharing the info.

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Thanks Dr. P. well this info is not in any perfect but i did try to make it as perfect as possible, this is solely based on my experience and also after some readings.

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