Thursday, August 20, 2009

Linking Techniques | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#4

This is Day 3 of How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner And it is doing great,Check below is the screenshot
Alright guys you see, the traffic is increasing and we need more traffic! How to make money online for beginner is just a very new blog, google didn't even indexed this blog and thats a very big problem right how to get indexed by search engine. The traffic you see here were not coming from search engine result (SERP). We need traffic from search engine result to make money online. Direct traffic is not a very good traffic. If you have a loyal readers it wont take long they will forget your blog. but search engine traffic is the best, we need that in this how to make money online for beginner.

Take note: Based on my observation google takes a very long time to indexed Its their own service and I dont Know why, I have created a diffrent domain and in just two days google indexed it. but this blog and another blog I tried using blogger, still I can't find it in SERP. I hope google indexed this in a weeks time? month? years? shit, i can't wait that long! I need to do something to get on those SERP result.

Thats right we need links to get this how to make money online for beginner get into SERP, and how do we do it? Before we start further we need links with the same niche as we have, we need need links that talks what we are talking example Make Money Online Don't try to link with blogs or sites that of different topic you are talking for example don't link with a blog that talks about someone's daily experencies definitely google will demerit you for that, because we are talking about how to make money online.

An underlying key to all linking strategies is that you must have great on page content. If there is nothing special about your site, why would someone link to it? People don't link to you for your benefit, they link to you because they think your content will benefit their site visitors. The do not see the opportunity to buy your product as a benefit. They want articles, facts, information, humor - something of unique value.

Take Note of this:
1. Purchase links: Don't buy text links for purposes of increasing your search engine traffic. If you want to buy them, buy them solely for purposes of the traffic you get from the other site. Chances are the search engines will not credit them to you any way.
2. Swap links with non-relevant sites: This is a clear waste of time. Search engines easily recognize link swaps, and unless the site is highly relevant to yours, the links are of no value. In fact, too many of them can hurt your rankings.

Now, we need to employ linking techniques I will list it below and make a challenge out of it.

1.) Posting on forums. ( Not a very good one but I will try)
Read the thread, think of something to say and write it, Most forums are seriously handicapped when it comes to SEO. A lot of similar threads, centered around the same core keywords, long and ugly URL’s, very few if any links pointing to threads, most just to the main page, duplicate content issues.

Challenge : 100 post on different forums ( The time consuming part is finding the right forums on your niche )

2.) Link Bait ( hmmm this is kind hard )
‘linkbait’ is a term that is used to describe a variety of practices that have the purpose of generating links to your site. This is an example of a link bait check this Tool from Dane of Business Opportunities I need to think good on how to have a link bait LOLZ

3.) Set Up Blog Farms ( Oh Yea! )
A blog farm is nothing more than a collection of blogs used to get aid backlinks to your pages and blogs

And a Note about linking check this out from google engineers


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