Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introduction to Traffic Monitoring using statcounter | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post#2

Hello once again Im here to post another installment on my journey to How to create money online for absolute beginner If you have come across this page it would be nice if you check my first installment for this series. How to make money online for absoulte beginner now my last post was creating a blog on blogger or blogspot. Alright, i wanted to monitor my traffic on this blog well, there are lots of possible ways to do it.

There is one from google but i won't deal with it as of the moment, i will be using the service of Go register yourself on statcounter and create a new project by adding a new project check the screenshot below

how to make money online for absolute beginner
and you will be presented with a series of settings for you to set with depending on your setup
1.) Website Title : How to Make Money Online for Absolute Beginner
2.) Website URL :
3.) Category : here I used Computer & Internet
4.) Your Timezone:
5.) Maximum Visit Length : here i set to 30 mins
-Used to calculate your unique and returning visitors from a cookie. If this amount of time or more has elapsed since a visitor last visited a page on your website, then that visitor is considered unique.
6.)Log Size : here you are limited to 500 because you are using free service
7.) IP Blocking : Set your IP here so that you wont add your own visit to the log
how to make money online for absolute beginner
Configure your code for stat counter this is the code you will be adding to your blog.

how to make money online for absolute beginnerIn my case i use the default visible you can see it at the bottom of my page, Select Unique visits only and also set the default number to whatever you like, i have set it to 000000
how to make money online for absolute beginnerAlright are you still with me? ok then lets continue here is the code that you need to put on your template, I have skip some of the screenshot its seems its all self explanatory

The next thing is go to your blogger dashboard select layout Add Gadget drag it to the bottom of your screen check the screenshot below

Refresh your page and VIOLA! you got a counter, Now go check your statcounter project to monitor for incoming traffic where did it came from how many have visit your site etc. Statcounter have a good set of tools for monitoring your blogs.


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