Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backlinks | How to Make Money Online for absolute Beginner post #8

Hello, Once again welcome to this blog of how to make money online, for those who are new kindly refer to this page How to make money online for absolute beginner. Alright As you see on my page I have Added some Affiliate Links, my google adsense was not yet approve ever since i've cancelled it for the issue on my payee name. It was almost two weeks now they said that they are going to review it in 3days but a couple of weeks past but then no luck. I keep on re-submitting my application to them f*ck google again. Alright its time to build some backlinks on this blog. Well Well, there are a couples we can do, I will list them together with the tools to use.

By the way building backlinks is a time consuming process, and you shouldnt give up at this point because this is the most important part its like saying BACKLINKS=80%,SEO=10%,CONTENT=10% that figure isn't perfect but it would give you an idea.

Here we go:

1.) Backlink technique #1
Ask for link exchange - Find a website that more or less of the same niche you are talking with and ask the webmaster/owner if they can exchange link with you. Be polite give them the reason they will exchange links with you. Believe me there are people who are really kind hearted to exchange links with you, there are also people that won't give a piece of there blessed juices, don't despair its not the end of the world. There are a lot if different method we can use, just stay with me.

2.) Backlink technique #2
free .edu and .gov links - Another great potential is edu and gov links as Google and others give authority over these types of domain extentions.
The ’site:’ feature in Google allows only results with that domain name or domain extension to show up. You can “hack” this feature to allow Google to find the most relevant university and government websites related to your sites.
Google query: *make money online* + blog
For example: internet marketing blog
The top result is a .edu blog that links to a non edu blog, but that blog is related and is PR3 and has edu backlinks. That is also a great relevant place to comment, even if it is not directly a .edu. On the other hand, the third result was a PR3 highly related .edu internet marketing blog with zero comments. That is easy .edu backlinks!

You can easily replicate these queries to fit your needs, and it is highly scalable. You can find .edu, .gov, and if you are lucky, .mil blogs. If you are not as picky, you can just search specifically for the blogs without the .edu or .gov extension, and you can find some high pageranked blogs on the first pages of results. Play around with it, enjoy it, it’s free! Then of course you know how to drop a link on the comments.

3.) Backlink Technique #3
If you are trying to build links to your site to increase your pagerank, and rank higher in Google and the other search engines, then you know that every link helps.
If you have not checked out, I recommend that you go to*yoursite*.com, and add your website as it is a free link and takes 20 seconds to setup.
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